Skyway and Stanton

Last Wednesday was the April mixer. No mix again. I really, really have to make one for the next one. Anyway, I met Joy at Skyway for Malaysian food. It was yummy! We got roti canal, poh piah, hainese chicken and fried pearl noodles. We’ll be back for sure and hopefully with more people to try more stuff.

We went to Stanton Public again for the mixer. It was like girl’s night out since it was me, Joy, Brenda, Alison and Robyn. And then Eric, Robyn’s husband but he’s a good sport and didn’t care since he was working on his list. The bar has a thing that if you drink 57 different beers (not in the same night!), you get your name on a plaque. That’s what he is working on. My tolerance went up a little, I drank 1.5 pints of beer and did not feel as groovy as I did last month. LOL. It’s getting there.

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