Tammy’s shower!

Joy got her the monkey mirror.

Sunday was Tammy’s baby shower held at Alison’s place by Prospect Park. Needless to say, beautiful views! (And also needless to say, stopped by the Christie’s Jamaican patty place and brought some patties home for dinner.) I did not bring Sienna with me, although she was more than welcome. There were 3 other babies/toddlers there.

I got her the diaper changing pad that goes on top of the dresser and the orange cover (of course) that covers it. They were both on her registry. I also got her alphabet links because I love links and they come in very handy. I don’t have the alphabet ones but they are really cute! I also got her a monkey vibrating hanging toy. After she opened the gifts, we did crafts! Stephanie set out plain white onesies, fabric paint and brushes. I got on a roll and made about 6! I was having fun!

Opening one of my orange wrapped presents. 🙂

Let the crafting begin!


Well it looks like I exceeded the amount of pictures for this post! I’ll have to post the pics of the babies there another time!


  1. jungy
    April 24th, 2008 | 4:09 pm

    Cute idea about decorating the onesies!

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