Coney Island and Waffles!

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful sunny day and felt like the 60’s. We went to Michael’s since I had a 50% coupon and took the opportunity to go to Trader Joe’s and also try out the shopping cart cover I finally finished!


It works!! I didn’t doubt the pattern, just my abilities to follow it. LOL. If you look at it closely (in person), you’ll see all the character in it.  And I’m not talking about the Elmo fabric I used. This was my first time using bias tape, using elastic (my thumb hurt from threading it through) and the buttonhole feature on my machine. Let’s just say I still need a lot of practice in all those areas. LOL


Since it was such a nice day, we decided to grab some lunch at Nathan’s in Coney Island. Yves got 2 dogs and I decided to get a cheeseburger to share with Sienna. She didn’t really care for it and happily ate her jarred food (which she only seems to do outside of the house!). We did not share the hot dogs or fries with her. Figure there is plenty of time for her to try that junk food! We took a little walk to the rides and she really got a kick out of seeing them and the arcade area.


Sunday was the opening of the much publicized Brooklyn Flea. We were meeting up with Joy and Brenda, who had tickets to see Sharon Jones across the street at the Masonic Temple. The main reason for meeting was to finally try the famed Waffle truck. Which wasn’t in the truck for the flea market. It was good!! Me and Yves got a waffle with maple syrup and then a cinnamon one with nutella. Joy got the cinnamon with dulce de leche and Brenda got the regular with fudge. I think Brenda’s fudge was the best one. Sienna enjoyed some waffle too!


We also ran into Carrie, who was very excited to finally meet Sienna. It was a lot colder that day than Saturday and overcast so we did not really roam around the market. But it’s going to be there every Sunday so I didn’t care.


  1. jungy
    April 9th, 2008 | 9:11 pm

    Ooh! Ooh! I want to hit up the flea market and waffle truck with you sometime! *drool*

  2. September 3rd, 2008 | 11:17 am

    […] Since this was just a test strip, I didn’t care that her name was so close to the edges. And I just used regular masking tape to secure it. I once again used some old sheets. This old sheet was my tester for making the shopping cart cover. […]

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