What a week!

SO I mentioned that Sienna was sick and pretty much got better by Sunday. Well, I caught her cold and have been dealing with it all week! I guess I was overdue since this was the first time I got sick since Sienna was born. I could deal with the stuffy nose, it’s the cough that is driving me up the wall. Especially at night. I am a lot better but still not 100%. I hate being sick!

So we are chugging along with Sienna’s new eating habits. We are giving her more of the stuff we eat with minimal success. She really wants to feed herself and rarely wants any sort of bottled food except if we are out in a restaurant. Strange. She’ll push it away at home but when I went out to lunch last week with my parents after going to BuyBuyBaby, she ate the whole bottle of jar food! Besides grilled cheese, she also likes french toast and cheese omelet. I baked some breaded chicken cutlets, she ate some but not much. I made her a little turkey burger while we ate the bigger version. Not so great. She didn’t care much for the mashed potatoes either! Well, we are going to keep trying! Hopefully I’ll have more energy this week as I get back to my healthy self!

Here’s a video I took about 2 weeks ago (I think). I thought I posted it already but didn’t. Just leave a comment if you need the password.

Messy Mohawk from Lisa on Vimeo.

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