Transition = Energy Zapped


When Sienna went for her 1 year well being check up on the 14th, the doctor said she can basically eat whatever we are eating. I was so excited! Woopeee! I thought life was going to be easier now that I didn’t have to wonder what I was going to make for her. I was feeling guilty about giving her the jar food, besides which there is not much variety, but now I didn’t have to wonder! Or feel guilty! YAY! She’ll just eat what we are eating. Simple. As. That. HA! I don’t know why I thought it was going to be simple as that. Besides her being totally messy and most of the food ending up everywhere except in her mouth (Skippy is totally lucking out!), she takes about three times as long to eat now! I guess I just thought she was going to be like us and eat what was in front of her in a very straightforward manner. I must have had a temporary brain fart! I seriously do not know why I thought that it was going to be that easy.

I started off giving her pieces of cheese. She was into that! But I wanted to give her something more than that. I made her whole wheat pasta with peas and butter. Yes, I know. I don’t like peas. Yves doesn’t like peas. But it’s easy to give to her and it’s a vegetable. It was met with a lukewarm response. She sorta ate it. When I tried to give her more the next day. She wasn’t having it. She likes grilled cheese and it was something I didn’t want to end up giving her every day. She’s had it about 3 times last week. I made ground meat with lentils for me and Yves and she seemed to enjoy it the first night. And even the second night. But not the third.


I know it’s going to take some time for this and I know we’ll get through it! I wish it didn’t drain so much energy tho!
Here’s a video that goes with the top picture. If you don’t have the password, please leave me a comment and I’ll send it to you!

Messy Mohawk from Lisa on Vimeo.

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