It’s party time! – Food!!

So here is the food post for Sienna’s birthday celebration on Saturday! First I prepared the patty dough Thursday night. This was my first time making dough of any kind and first time using shortening (which is kinda gross!). I realized the next day that I was short on shortening (*giggle) as the recipe called for 2/3 cup of Crisco and I only put in 1/3 cup. Oh well! I went ahead with it anyway and it still tasted fine!

Friday I rolled it out to fill and even though by that point I already read the recipe at least a half a dozen times, I was doing it wrong. I did not cut them into 16 pieces first but I realized my mistake pretty early on and did not waste too much time rolling out a big slab of dough! Rolling took some getting used to and since I didn’t have a stockinette I had to keep flouring my pin.

And here they are all filled up! Patties with ‘character!’

Saturday morning I worked on the pork dumplings, a recipe I got from Everyday Food and Yves teased me about not being a true Asian! I’ll have my dad teach me one day because his wonton recipe uses shrimp. I’m not a good shrimp handler so I would need help with that! Anyway, it’s really easy!!

Here are the patties cooked. Doesn’t really look much different than before!
Cupcakes pre-frosting. I also had an icing malfunction. I wanted to write out Happy 1st Sienna but the 2 frostings I had just sputtered out of the tube. So I just put sprinkles on them. Oh well!

Here are Brenda’s sinfully yummy bacon cheddar muffins and Theresa’s beautiful zucchinis (you know you are a real geek when you call produce beautiful!)

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