A full weekend part 1

We had a pretty filled weekend! I started and finished 2 projects and am almost done with another one! Peter came over and made ricotta cheesecake with me and I helped Tammy with her baby registry at Buy buy Baby (which is soooo much better than BRU! I wish we knew last year!) So much stuff going on that I will have to make 2 posts about it! Today I’ll show my crafts because I am so proud of myself!


I’m almost done!! I still have to sew them all together and make the edging. It should be interesting to see it once it’s sewn because not all the squares are completely square! I guess I crochet unevenly. Must be from the muscle I pulled in my right arm from doing all this crocheting! And do you notice the little hand reaching for it? She took all of them (minus the 3 she couldn’t reach) and threw them all on the floor one by one!

And remember the onesie from my MIL that I said I would make into a t-shirt? I did it!!


It looks great on her!


The third project is a wristlet I made for Tammy. I was trying to think of something to get for her that is useful and thoughtful. I’ve used this pattern a few times and use the bag I made for myself everyday. I’ve gone through at least 3 different types of diaper bags, all of which I’m not completely satisfied with and the wristlet is very useful in this aspect. I can keep my wallet, keys, tissues, chapstick, etc. all within super easy reach. The diaper bags usually end up getting too stuffed once I put a few of my things in there and who wants to carry an extra purse? So the wristlet is perfect and I thought Tammy would like one. She likes Day of the Dead so I got this fabric online and started it Friday night and finished it Saturday morning. I probably would have finished it Friday night if I didn’t run into a couple of problems!

The pattern calls for one long piece for the outer layer, which essentially gets folded in half. Because of the nature of the fabric, if I did that, the skulls would be upside down on one side. I thought I was being so smart that I realized this before the fact! So I just cut it into 2 pieces and ironed it on the interfacing (which I kept as one long piece) opposite sides. I continued with the bag, did the corners pretty well and then turned it right side out.


Oops! Forgot about the rough edges! I totally spaced on this because I made another bag with similiar type of fabric and I did not leave any rough edges. I was kinda bummed about having to undo the corners that I tried to be clever and just sewed the bottom without undoing the corners. Did not work out. In the process of this, the needle broke on my machine! A first!


So it was getting late and Sienna and Yves were waiting for me for dinner so I had to continue this Saturday morning. Plus I had to rip out the seams of the bottom and did that Friday night in front of the tv.


Fixed! Yay! Tammy loves it!

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