A present from Aunt Natalie

Sienna’s Aunt Natalie sent her an early birthday present. A beautiful hand knit sweater! It’s such a pretty green color and has a cool lizard button on it. Apparently, Aunt Natalie just started taking up knitting last year and has been working on this sweater for some time. I can totally understand that! Knitting is harder than crocheting, which is why I don’t want to venture into it. Aunt Natalie, crocheting is easier and less time consuming! Anyway, she got it last week and I put it on her straightaway but learned that I had it on backwards. The button goes in the back, which is probably a better thing so Sienna doesn’t stick it in her mouth!

So, thanks Aunt Natalie for the beautiful sweater! It fits perfectly!


And here it is backwards

Here is also a picture of Sienna wearing a onesie from her Grandma. It says Smile Mon! Jamaica. It’s so cute but it’s a little too short on her. It’s a 12 month size but it’s wide and short. I don’t know what kind of babies they are having in Jamaica but Sienna is lean and tall. LOL. But no worries, I’m going to make it into a t-shirt for her instead!

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