Auntie Sharon

A close friend of my MIL, Auntie Sharon, was in town visiting with Liz and the girls before their big move. They came over for lunch on Sunday and will probably be the last time they are all over for a long time. I know Liz loves my chili so I made that for her and also tried out a new recipe for a lite carrot cake (made into cupcakes). Everything was yummy despite cutting my pointing finger and burning my pinky all on the same hand!

The next time the 3 of them will be together, they will be soooo much bigger!

Carrot cupcakes

Talking to Grandma
Sienna listens intently to her older cousin’s wisdom.

I let Eli take hold of the digital camera and she took some very nice pictures:elilizblog.jpgelisharonblog.jpgelilivingroomblog.jpgeliskippyblog.jpg

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