June craft challenge

I am participating in Christy Nelson’s craft challenge for June. They are turning out to be quite fun and not as stressful as I thought it would be. For this month, I am also hosting a swap for the challenge where we mail out our completed projects to our partner. A chance to win a prize AND get someone else’s wonderful creation! True to form, when the packet came, I thought to myself, “Oh boy! What am I going to do with this stuff?” I was a little concerned because the packet included some clay. With all the crafts I dabble in, I don’t do clay (besides precious metal clay) so I am not very familiar with working with it.

I thought I took a photo of all the supplies but I can’t find the image! Argh! I know I said that about last month’s challenge and couldn’t find the image. Well, I found it while looking for this month’s image. I guess I’ll find it during the August challenge (there is a month break for the challenge so no July challenge). Anyhow, Jennifer aka hippofairy has posted an image on her blog so here is a link. The only difference is I got white clay and my glitter paper were blue and green. So we got some clay, a pill bottle, raffia, glitter paper and a favor cup. Really, what was I going to do it this???

I did not take step by step photos of my project. I really have to get better with that. I promise to do that for August. Anyhow, I somehow came up with an idea way before deadline. Truly shocking! And I was really happy with the idea so went with it. And I got to pull out my dremel! I love my dremel and I don’t use it in my crafts as much as I thought I would. I used it to drill a hole on top of the bottle and a little window on the side.

I applied some gesso to the pill bottle, painted it blue and used the raffia as a cord to hang (if my partner wants to). I flattened out the favor cup and painted it a bright yellow. I used my sizzix to cut out a scallop shape and the letters E A T. I worked the clay into something that resembles a bird (it may not be the best bird but I’m happy that it somewhat looks like one!) baked it and painted it. Put it all together and this is what we have:


A miniature bird feeder complete with sun roof! HA! The “seeds” are little shake on beads made by Tulip that I got ages ago at 75 percent off. It finally came into use! I really think it is so cute! I hope my partner likes it!

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