Yves officially became a citizen today!! He took his test last month in Garden City and passed (with flying colors!) and his swearing in was today at Cadman Plaza. We had to be there at 8:30 in the morning. We left the house at 7 because of the transferring we have to do on the train (the Manhattan bound side is closed for construction) plus things always take a bit longer to do with a toddler in tow! Well, it was a good time to leave because we got there around 8 ish. Yves had to go into a room with the other people being sworn in to fill out some forms. Sienna and I went upstairs to the cafeteria to wait. There was a TV in there showing the room that Yves was waiting in. After they fill out their forms, they are allowed to come up to the cafeteria to hang out with us until the judge comes. We all had to go back to the room at 10. Sienna was relatively good considering her lack of freedom. She kept asking where Daddy was and wanted to go find him. The wait wasn’t too bad. The judge came in at 10:30, made a speech and Yves got his certificate by 10:50. Yay! We let Sienna run around in the park across the street and then went in search for some lunch. Yves wanted Indian but the restaurant wasn’t open yet so we just went to a diner called Grand Canyon on Montague Street. Typical diner fare and nothing spectacular but we were hungry. We were back home by 1. What an exciting morning!

The happy citizen!
Switching to the USA hat!
Yay! Sienna gets to run!
That’s not our train!

Thing a day, week three

Here are days 15 through 21. As always, see the all my TADs here. Only 1 more post about my thing a day 2010!
Day 15, a hedgehog made out of felt, an extra for a swap. I gave my partner the option to wear it as a pin.
day 16, another extra for a swap, a dog made out of felt. Sienna loved playing with these guys.
Day 17, the start of a Kokeshi stuffie embroidered. Haven’t decided where this is going yet. More photos at TAD.
Day 18, sewed this cute cupcake fabric onto a dishtowel for a swap.
Day 19, appliqued dinosaur shirt made for Yan Ling’s son Carter, who was born in the summer.
Day 20, a crochet cat pillow, or soon to be. This is for a swap too.

Shopsins Love

Pete and I made it back to Shopsin’s (at the beginning of February) in record time! Our last visit was sometime in November. I really enjoyed our picks this time vs. the last time. I ordered an ATW sandwich (never bothered asking what that means) which consists of pulled pork, onions, cheddar and bacon! MMMMMMMMM!!! I was surprised by all the bacon in the sandwich and I really thought I wouldn’t be able to eat it all (but I did!) Pete was surprised that I did since I made such a commotion about all the bacon. I told him that it’s because I’m a fat fuck! He also asked if that was going to be the name of this blog post but I didn’t have the nerve. HA! Plus you just can’t let a good pig go to waste! Pete ordered the famous Mac N Cheese pancakes! At long last! Hearing about the MnC pancakes is what brought me to Shopsin’s in the first place but I was never in the mood for them. They were quite savory and tasty! Not as decadent as I thought it would be as they don’t overdue the MnC.
My after…hey! There’s bread and lettuce still there!
Is that a whole pancake Pete leaves?? Gasp! There are starving children in this world! LOL

We made our usual stop at Economy Candy and I was in the mood for a cakey treat so we went to Sugar Sweet Sunshine where I brought home some cupcakes for everyone. I got 2 pistachios (by far their best cupcake!), a spicy pumpkin and oooooohhhh a peppermint chocolate!!! When I got home, which one does Sienna pick? MY peppermint chocolate one! Of course I am happy to share with her and gave her less than half of it. She ate all the frosting and about half of the cake. We usually don’t give her something that sweet so late in the day (it was about 4:30 maybe?) and yeah, we paid for that later. She was jumping off the wall that night!

I think Yves was explaining that he had the superior cupcake!
All cupcaked out!

Fun at Yan Ling’s

Went to a playdate at Yan Ling’s house on the 19th.

I took this shot of me and Carter. I cracked up when I saw the look on his face.
Ethan showing Starr his tool set
I love Phoenix’s dancing style!
Sylvie is the next Picasso?
Yan Ling and Carter
The kid’s table
Computer time!

The Snowacane of 2010


So indeed the weather people were right again and we got hit with about 14 inches of snow last Friday. Actually, the snow started Thursday night but it was slushy snow so it was quite a mess. Then it turned into real snow. They were calling it a snowacane because of the high winds but it didn’t seem that bad. We woke up and it was still snowing. This is how it looked at 7 am!
That’s the snow hanging over from the roof! 7 am folks!

Unfortunately, Yves had to go into work so it was just me, Sienna and my dad to play in the snow. We got our butts in gear and headed out at 9:30.
This time I put on like 5 layers of pants on Sienna. She lasted a lot longer in the snow than last time.
Sienna making a half a snow angel!
I think this was Sienna’s best snow angel to date!
Sienna wants to help shovel the snow too.
The overhang from the outside!

Snowacane 2010 from Lisa on Vimeo.

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