Homemade Pizza!

Monday I finally took the time to make homemade pizza dough! I bought fresh mozzarella from the bakery and that is a very important ingredient for homemade pizza. I got the recipe from the Reader’s Digest Homemade book. It wasn’t very hard at all but with a slight Wii injury from playing yesterday, my right hand wasn’t the strongest for kneading. Overall the dough tasted ok. It probably would have tasted better if I put more salt but with my blood pressure, I always put a little less salt than recipes call for. Most of the time, it doesn’t make a difference but I guess since dough only has about 5 ingredients, it can make a difference. For the sauce, I used Trader Joe’s no salt added marinara sauce (which I love! better stock up!) and toppings were whatever we had left in the frig. this included meatballs, mushrooms, goat cheese, red onion and black olives. I had trouble rolling it into a perfect circle but I guess that takes practice. I decided to make personal sized pizzas so it would be easier for the toppings. Sienna seemed to enjoy it! I had extra dough after making 3 mini pizzas so made a little calzone too!

The dough
Rolling the dough
Circularly challenged pizza and a calzone
Ready for the oven!
Looks edible!
What is this Father? (photo by Yves)
I think Sienna likes it! (photos by Yves)

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