More family fun!

We had the girls over today for lunch. Sylvain has left for France and Yves is still in Palm Springs. Even though we didn’t do any cooking today (besides Mummy making rice pudding), I’m tired!! Having 3 active girls in the house is tiring! It was all great fun tho. We thought it would be fun to order thai food to get the girls ready and it was very good! (But I’m sure it’s better in Thailand!) My parents came over for a little bit to drop off more New Years oranges and we took the opportunity to have a grandparents picture. I took 4 shots and of course, everyone looks different in all of them. I couldn’t decide which one to post so I’m just going to post all 4!

Here’s a shot of the delicious rice pudding!

We hooked up with JP, Carol-Anne and Gaby via video conferencing. The only people we were missing this time were Yves and Sylvain!
Maia and Sienna wanted to touch Uncle Baba and Tata Mouse and cousin Gaby.

Nana goofs around with her grandpa

Sienna really has fun with her cousins and will really miss them!

Showing some cousin love! from Lisa on Vimeo.

For Daddy

Yves is in Palm Springs this week for work. The place he’s staying at doesn’t have a wireless, high speed connection so we can’t do a video chat (what hotel doesn’t have that???) so this entry is to update him on some of the things that were going on this week!

Wednesday night we went to celebrate the Year of the Rat at my parents house. They have the big celebration on the eve but we also had lunch with them on the day.

I thought I would also show some of the mischief she is getting into this week.
Over the Barrier and into the rest of the house!

Squeezing into a corner I’m not supposed to be in

Climbing out of my high chair and must now be buckled in again!

And this is not mischief but wanted to show how her top tooth is coming in! Taken today outside Kohl’s.
And close up

The Giants won the Super Bowl!!

Sienna Giants Collage, originally uploaded by luluvision.


Food, Family & Fun!

Saturday we had everyone over for a late lunch (we were just missing JP, Carol-Anne and Gaby!). My MIL made Jamaican food, everyone’s favorite, ackee and saltfish, jerk chicken, unjerk chicken, plantains, rice & peas and bammy’s. Also some potatoes and I made broccolis. For dessert, I made cookies and cream ice cream with the maker and Yves’ favorite cookies and pumpkin cookies. Everything was delicious and we stuffed ourselves!

Ackee and Saltfish

Cookies and Cream ice cream (came out much better than the plain vanilla)

Grandpa says YAY!

Telling Sienna more important stuff.

Liz, Maia and Sylvain (and my pumpkin cookies on the table)

Liz and Sienna

Grandma and Sienna

Sylvain conked out on the sofa while Eli and Maia goof around.

And here is a video of the kids playing!

Blocks with her cousins from Lisa on Vimeo.

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